AGO - Archive content

06-22-2016 10:55 AM
Status: Open
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Business case for archiving content hosted in AGO.  Archiving/un-archiving vs deleting/recreating.

Data (hosted feature and tile services) storage is the biggest cost.  When projects are shelved for extended periods of time, but not necessarily permanently in which case content could just be deleted, it would be useful to be able to tag an app or a map as "archived".  All hosted content referenced by the app, and owned by the same owner of the app could also be automatically tagged as archived.

Content tagged as archived would then be disabled (unaccessible) and charged a reduced rate for service credits.

Archived content could be easily un-archived/made accessible.  Organizations would realize a credit saving for archived content and maximize good use of staff time.  Archiving could be more efficient than republishing content and rebuilding maps and apps if content was deleted and project needed to be recreated.

The notion of archiving could also be useful for audit or record requirements.


Additionally if it's too difficult/costly for esri to store online, provide the ability to download to disk, and then easily upload and restore at a later point. I had a project  that closed. It leveraged a webmap that eventually got removed because it was actively being used. However, I later needed to restore it to show it off for marketing purposes, and it wasn't worth the effort to do so. This is one of several valid use cases. 


@KoryKramer  I think this idea is very close to my idea and a candidate for merging, if you feel appropriate.

I would like to expand on this by saying it would be good to archive experience builder sites along with their data. In my idea I envisage some button that packages up the entire folder of data, web maps, survey 123 forms and the experience builder site into a single package file which I can then download and archive locally allowing me to remove the data/site off AGOL.

There should also be an equivalent upload of the package to allow the site to be unpacked and made available again.