Allow AGOL to archive story maps

06-15-2018 04:36 AM
Status: Open
MVP Notable Contributor

When you create a story map the base data will consume those all important credits. Some story maps can have a short existence such as demonstration or presentation for a meeting. It would be very useful if the story map and it's base data could be archived so that it can be stored off line and if necessary reloaded. Such a requirement is also being actively discussed over on Archive-It.

I would like to see a button on the page where you view the metadata of the item that packages up the story map and any data associated with it into some sort of "story package" much like a map package. This I can store locally on our servers then we could remove the story map from AGOL saving credits.

A "story package" should also be able to upload to AGOL so that it can be unpacked and made available through AGOL.

A "story package" could be the basis of storage format for such ideas and being able to view them off-line as suggested here.

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