Add Zoom to visible scale to new Map Viewer

06-29-2021 12:50 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor II

In the Classic Map Viewer the Zoom to Layer function zoomed in to the visible scale of that layer. In the new Map Viewer that has been changed to zooming in to the full extent of the layer. 

In my view the zoom to visible scale would be much more useful, but I don't want to deny the usefulness of the zoom to full extent function, so I propose to add the zoom to visible scale function. Preferably it should zoom in to the center of the current map extent, not to the center of the layer, like it does in the Map Viewer Classic.

(Another idea would be to let the function depend on whether the layer is currently in its visible scale range or not. So Zoom to Full Extent when it's visible, and Zoom to visible scale when it's not. Any comment? Maybe I should post that as a separate idea.)



If the layer had multiple sublayers with different visual cut-off scales, which scale should the new option respect?


Maybe setting zoom scales like you do visible scales would be nice, that way presets don't interfere with workflows, cartography, or ease? I think that would be helpful and answer @jorisfrenkel 's question and give the community greater flexibility. In storymaps for example, have custom set zoom to scales based on item selected would be an awesome benefit!


@RobertKacir do you mean a group layer with sublayers? I would want to add this function only to single layers, not to group layers.