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Add users without invite on partnered collaborations

04-21-2024 06:07 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

In my company we have two AGO orgs - a primary one for our staff, and a secondary one for our contractors. All our maps, apps, etc get made in the primary org and our secondary org contains only field workers, editors, and viewers that eventually hook into the primary. There are multiple admins in the primary org, but only a single admin in the secondary org. We don't utilise Facilitator roles in our primary org as they are ineffective, and since we have no ability to assign collaboration coordinator permissions to custom roles, our admins are our default collaboration coordinators.

We've partnered the orgs together to enable searching for contractors easier in the secondary org. However, to add those secondary org accounts, we need to go through the process of staff in the primary org inviting staff in the secondary org and those secondary org staff accepting the invites. While it's possible to use the secondary org admin to add secondary org accounts it won't work in the long term for our overall business as we are a large business with a limited admin team and we are not interested in buying additional accounts for our secondary org just to provision collaboration coordinator permissions for this workflow.

I would like to propose that partnered collaborations allow for a new exposed permission on setup that allows additional trust between two orgs such that accounts could be added without invite or that another mechanism be considered to enable adding without invite such as establishing accounts with extra permissions on behalf of a partnered collaboration org.