Add GPS coordinates to image

10-13-2014 02:42 PM
Status: Open
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Would like to see the ability to "GPS Stamp"  images taken with Collector.  This is in addition to already geotagging photos in the 'details' of the image file.  Would like to stamp coordinates on the image to print!
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Found app that will do this.  Now I need esri to update Collector so that we can set the default camera application.


 I have used the Theodolite app and another one called Solocator.

I lean more towards using Solocator I like how GPS data is displayed and can include project information on the photo.

GeoStamp photo GeoStamp

I then use these photos taken with other Geotaging/ GeoStamping app and add them into Collector through attachments. This process gets the photos and GPS information I want but its not an efficient process. Collecting hundreds of points and multiple photos for each one is very time consuming when you have to swap back and forth between apps. It has also been my experience with a cell phone of tablet, when your using Collector it runs down the battery the more apps you have running.