Add *.DWG file as layer into ArcGIS Online

04-14-2013 11:19 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

It would be great to have possibility after defining coordinate system to add CAD file (*.dwg) as layer into ArcGIS Online platform.

CAD data, *.dwg, *.dxf or *.dgn would be great to be able to share as feature services in ArcGIS online.  Many mining companies use CAD tools for mine planning and that data is the source data which then needs to be shared across the mine life.  
I have been using Autocad and Carlson software for over 20 years. As GIS continues to grow in the mining industry I see a great need to make Cad drawings merge with ArcMap in a more user friendly atmosphere. It could be setup as an import Cad file menu. This would bring into Arcmap the drawing in the projection the the drawing was created in. The file name of the drawing could be the layer, and the layers in the Cad drawing could be sub-layers that can be turned on or off etc..
A simple capability to position or georeference CAD data as well as image files would greatly benefit the ability to store the data and use them as a source for map and feature services!

These capabilities would benefit a large number fo users across industries!
I am glad someone has brought this up, the usability and functionality between CAD based data and GIS is closing but it is still a gab many professionally have to face every day. I use the ArcGIS for AutoCAD tool which is great for working with CAD based drawings in CAD and GIS but having this functionality within ArcMap would significantly better and quit an improvement on mine engineering, and projects. This would cut the time it takes on project turnaround, and having a positive return on our software investment. I would like to ESRI do more to close the gap on the ArcGIS side. It is profitable and significantly good for business. Why wouldn’t you want to make your product more dynamic to other industry projects.

As we have a great amount of very heterogenous AutoCAD files with as built data, the possibility of publishing this information without any further processing in the original symbology would be a great benefit for us.


We here in Civil Engineering use CAD designs a lot and it is nice to check those and share them with GIS environment themes. Offline works very well since many years. But as PDF files becomes ancient and online sharing is nice and modern, we like also here to see the Autocad DWG included.

Actually even a step further to upload/include Civil 3D surfaces into the 3D scene in AGOL. But would be too nice for 2019..... (although I see it as short future).