add default URL parameters to Dashboards

04-15-2020 02:09 PM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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URL Parameters work awesomely in Dashboards. (thank you Derek Law‌ for your guidance!)

extent URL param not working in Dashboard.  

However, it would be wise to enable Extent, zoom, filter and selection parameters by default. For example, the extent parameter could simply be named Extent.  When I added the default 'p1' parameter, the Extent action works fine:,3...

However.. I suggest 'extent' and the rest also be default parameters. So if I substitute 'extent' for 'p1' it will just work, for any Dashboard.  The reason?  Let's say I want to embed someone else's Dashboard on my site, or in my Story Map.  If I don't control the Dashboard and I can't get the original author to add a parameter, there is no way to make it zoom to my county, when I embed it. Or make it filter to show only certain features, etc.  Of course, I would support making this able to be turned off by devs optionally. But include this parameter as On by default, i.e. Opt In vs Opt Out. That way, many public dashboards can be used down to scale for localities and counties that may have been created by state or federal agencies. And saves users from having to figure out how to spatially navigate.