Add Append Widget to Web Appbuilder

07-02-2019 12:57 PM
Status: Open
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I would love to see an append (or update data) widget for Web Appbuilder, so I can crowdsource polygon data from a shapefile (not polygons drawn on screen).   This tool would upload a zipped shapefile and append the data to an existing feature service similar to the update data button in the Item Details window in ArcGIS Online.



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My organization has the same need, and I cannot find a way to create a working GP Service "Append" 😞

On every new project, our users ask us to load GPS fieldwork geometries, collected outside ArcGIS Enterprise Apps (SHP format). The main aim is to load the geometries, attribution would be dealt with in the ArcGIS Portal WebApp ; i.e. field map is optionnal (though nice to have 🙂 ).

Is there any way to know whether such a functionnality has entered the product's roadmap?

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Perhaps a combination of the Add Data widget and the copy features functionality in the Smart Editor widget would apply to this workflow?

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