Ability to order results from District Lookup Widget

02-01-2017 10:45 AM
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As a School Board creating a School Locator web application (which uses the District Lookup widget as suggested in the School Locator Web Application Template), I would like to see the ability to control the order by which the results of the lookup query are shown in the list on the widget so that I can define the order that schools are shown (e.g. Elementary, then Middle, then Secondary).

The results are currently shown based on ObjectID of the feature class.  However, I would like to see the results shown in order of another field, for example SchoolType, so that all the Elementary school options are shown first, then Middle then secondary.

#Here's an image of my current lookup result. As you can see they are not organized well for the end user:

Thank you


When loading polygon features using the append tool, load your elementary school polygons into the provided blank feature layer first. The Object IDs will be created sequentially for the elementary school boundaries. Then use the append tool a second time to append the middle school polygons. The middle school boundary polygons will then have sequential Object IDs beginning after the elementary school Object IDs. Then finally use the append tool a third time to load the high school polygons.

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Is your solution a one-time data load where you append features for the various schools in a particular order?  What happens to the order if new records need to be added (Would you delete all records and run the individual appends again so the order does not get modified by the new records just getting added to the end)?



Yes. I would delete all records and start fresh with the new updated data. Otherwise a new elementary polygon would receive an ObjectID higher than those of the existing middle or high school polygons.