Ability to change an ArcGIS Online username

11-13-2017 02:54 PM
Status: Open
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As an org administrator, I would like to be able to update a username instead of the current workaround which is to create a brand new user and move all content from the old to the new user.

Use cases: 

  • A username contains a typo
  • Person changing last name
  • The organization short name is modified in the org's settings, and several user accounts reference the old short name (e.g. jsmith_myorg should now be jsmith_neworg for clarity

Workaround details from Esri support: http://support.esri.com/en/technical-article/000011984


My organization was recently acquired by another and it would be great to have a way to change the usernames to reflect the new organization without deleting and remaking all the accounts.


The other use for this would be with Enterprise Logins (Single Sign-On).  AGOL automatically generates a username consisting of the users email address followed by an underscore and a suffix, but since the email address must be unique already it would be cleaner and easier to remember if the username was just the email address.


I very much support this idea! At the governmental institutions we work with, people in certain positions change often. Still they want personalized user names (understandable) and not the name of a position. All users are also in use so I cannot use the workaround through creating a new user. 


I too strongly support this idea.  Changing user names is a very requirement within my organization.


Any movement on this Esri - it would be handy.


Also on board with this idea. We've had users get married (or the other way around). Changing the user name would be easier than recreating everything. 


I understand why ESRI cannot do this... since each user is used to save data, maps, and apps. Any change in name would break all the links. You can, however, make a new user and use the ArcGIS Online Assistant to transfer over the data, maps, and apps. This process will rewrite the links. Its a pain but is necessary the way the servers act.


The best way would be for a behind the scenes script.

Front end admin sees: `Are you sure you want to change the username?`. If they click yes, the following happens:

If user name is changed:

   Create new user account in the organization

   Change ownership of all existing items

   Migrate group ownership and membership

   Migrate privileges and licenses

   Delete old user account


Yes! And make it easier to delete old accounts, transfer user names and change primary emails. I've had to spend time on the phone with tech support to do all of these things. 


Following on from a question asked in the 'ArcGIS Online: Q&A with the Product Team' session at the UC2020; Sentha Sivabalan‌ the idea to change a username has been around since late 2017. Do you know if this is on the current roadmap? Thanks, Jamie.