Ability for an Admin to view content as different role before sharing

11-01-2018 03:17 AM
Status: Open
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When making a new map / app, there is currently no way for an administrator to test the content is working for a 'Viewer' or 'User' before sharing. Or even how the homepage / content pages look for different roles.

Lucikly we have two Administrator's so we can swap eachother's privlages to test but if there is only one Admin then this wouldn't be an option...

So would be great if there was the option for an admin to temporarily view content as a different role!


It would be really useful if administrators for AGOL could do this as well.


Great idea!!!!


This would be useful for admins - from the perspective of an admin

My workaround for this is to use a separate account for testing 'roles' ... obviuosly not practical when accounts are scarce.


My team and I were just discussing this inability to know what limitations or capabilities that a different User Type will have in the organization. As a Creator Type and an Admin, I take for granted many of the capabilities that I have in the org. We are looking to add several Viewer Types in the org and I'd like to be able to see what limitations a Viewer type would run into before we implement those Types. This is a great idea and I would love to see this ability in the (near!) future!

by Anonymous User

I think that this would be extremely useful for agencies that have adopted single sign-on for their enterprise system and don't have the ability to create a dummy viewer account.


I would point out that this ability is present in many business systems already. We integrate our GIS heavily with our Work Management Software, and the ability to view as a specific user is vital to managing that side of things. It only makes sense to have that ability on the GIS side as well.


This would be incredibly useful.  I run into issues all the time where someone says they can't "see" something, or something is not working correctly.  What would be most beneficial is to view via several ways:

  1. As a role - allows you to see what permissions a role might have - for editing, publishing - internal to the org or externally to the public, creating things like story maps, etc.
  2. As a specific named (logged in) user - this would assist with an apples-to-apples look at their experience and what they see, and would assist with what folders they can view, etc. (as opposed to viewing just as a particular role)