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How to export a GPX file from ArcGIS online?

01-29-2015 03:28 PM

How to export a GPX file from ArcGIS online?

Recently, I create my map by using ArcGIS online. I draw some tracks on my map layer. I want to export the track layer to a GPX file so that I can put the GPX file into my GARMIN device. But, it is not successful with trying many times. Please tell me how to export a GPX file from ArcGIS online. Thank you very much.

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Easiest way is to export AOL to shapefile then use DNRGPS to send back to GPX

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Thank you for your response. I try many times with your method and other ones. But, I failed every time. What I want to do is drawing a track on any kind of the map layer online with using a public computer. When I go home after, I can export the online track data to a GPX file. Then,I can import the GPX file to GARMIN basecamp to view and edit. Can ArcGIS online do that? If it can, please tell me how to do? Thank you very much again.

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There is no way to create GPX file in ArcGIS Online. You can only export to shapefile, File GDB, CSV or KML.


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