Scheduled/emailed reports using ArcGIS Notebook Server?

05-06-2021 06:55 AM
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Is it possible to send scheduled/emailed reports via ArcGIS Notebook Server scheduled tasks?

An example of a scheduled report would be:

  • Report/task runs weekly
  • Emailed to a list of recipients (via an STMP server)
  • The report filetype could be anything; the important part is that people get notified of records in a resultset by email — so that they can follow-up as needed.
  • The report would be emailed out if the resultset/count meets certain conditions (i.e. send the report if the resultset has >0 records).
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I just looked into this recently and it looks like the Notebook Server won't allow the use of SMTP, although you could try and use third-party SMTP to get around it.