Issue downloading attachments from AGOL Notebooks

10-16-2020 07:04 AM
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I have a Notebook that uses the ArcGIS API for Python to query and download attachments. It works just fine in Jupyter and Pro 2.6 Notebooks, but I am trying to put it in AGOL so other people can run it. However when it is AGOL it does not download the files. No error is returned, it just keeps running until it completes. Nothing is returned either in the local temporary file cache or in the save path it's directed to. Tried on multiple computers and multiple browsers as well with no luck. Is there a setting I'm missing? Thanks

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by Esri Contributor
Esri Contributor

Hi Jason - To what filepath are you trying to output the file to and through which method? Could you provide a snippet of your code? The filepath should be something like '/arcgis/home/{OutputFolderName}'. You should then be able to download the desired content via your user workspace (the files tab).

Note: Notebooks in Online cannot save directly to your local disk as if they were installed locally (such as Notebooks in Pro and Jupyter), they are separate from your local file directory.

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