ArcGIS Notebook Launch Failure

10-24-2019 03:05 PM
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I am using AGOL's new Notebook feature, and while trying to install the client library psycopg (PostgreSQL + Python | Psycopg ) via !conda install psycopg the Python Kernal starts to act up, and will disconnect.  I can open a sample notebook and save it into my session and the sample loads just fine.  On load however, the session freezes each time using my notebook user account.  I have created a video that illustrates this behaviour.  Is psycopg supported on this platform??

Is it possible to reinitialize the notebook environment??  Can I overwrite the default notebook with one that works??

Youtube Video Link: AGOL Notebook Failure 2019-10-24 - YouTube 

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Curius? What Postgres database were you looking to connect to?

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For clarification, are the two windows in your video are separate user accounts? One that you ran the !conda install inside and one that you didn't? Notebook environments are culled after a period of inactivity and rebooted when a notebook is opened, so there is generally no need to manually reinitialize. Are you finding that your broken notebook is persisting after being inactive for a while?

Could I get some more info on how you installed psycopg? did you specify a repo? I haven't been able to install psycopg with just !conda install psycopg due to missing packages, but I was able to install psycopg2 and haven't experienced any kernel issues alongside it. Is that an option for you?

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