AGOL Notebooks with arcpy deployment in Azure Serverless Compute

12-01-2020 03:57 PM
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I have a python script (Notebook) that runs on a timmer trigger in Azure. The script is on a virtual machine (VM). Azure  runbooks fires the VM shortly before the timmer trigger takes effect. These scripts among other things uses arcpy to compute a centroid for multiple polygons. I have installed ArcPro on the VM and this is what is used to run the script.

Because of the costs and software updates associated with the VM, I have been asked to integrate this script into azure httptrigger functions. So far I have been able to set a webhook which listens to multiple edits on dependent feature services and triggers the script to run.  What is needed now is for me to integrate the centroid computation component in the Azure functions. I am able to do this for all other things except the centroid computation bit which utilizes arcpy. This is because I am able to install other packages in Visual Studio Code and Azure except arcpy. Whereas I am able to install arcgis in Visual Studio Code virtual environment before I deploy the function into Azure, I have challenges installing arcpy.



1. Has someone done this before and how do I go about it?

2. This post looks into use of use of docker to run ArcGIS Notebooks in Azure but only for enterprise. Can someone point me to documentation which I can use for ArcGIS Online because I am not on enterprise?


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