vertex connection error on conversion from 9.3 to 10

02-29-2012 02:13 PM
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I've got a transportation/street network dataset with vertex connectivity created in 9.3.1 - let's call it "StreetsNDS". It works perfectly and solves without any issues....on 9.3.1.

Our team decided to take ArcGIS 10 for a test run - see if we should upgrade or not. From here we have problems.

We did two things, both ending in the same problem - an unsolvable street network
1. We opened an mdx in v10, tested a route - and it failed. We got warnings about gaps and no route solution errors which we hadn't gotten on 9.3.1.
2. We upgraded the database and network to v10. Then we updated the turn restriction geometry - which returned 'cannot find at junction', which also showed up in the build errors. We then tried to correct the turns, thinking there was a snapping issue during conversion, we realized that the street junctions were no longer connected (end points, intersections etc) although graphically they were showing up as snapped and ready to go. Needless to say, routes that were solvable in 9.3.1 are no longer solvable in 10.

Is there something that we're overlooking?

Any help would be appreciated.


p.s. We installed all the relevant patches before using the network.
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Hi Alan,

Thanks for the advice! I will take your suggestion and contact support.

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