Street Data Processing Toolbox question

03-07-2012 04:11 AM
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I am using the Street Data Processing toolbox (the Process NAVSTREETS Street Data tool) which has worked well for me in the past.  I now have updated Streets data and am trying to run the tool on it.  I include all of the inputs (Z-levels shapefile, CDMS, RDMS, and Signs tables).  It appears to run fine, attached is a screenshot of the report showing that it completed successfully.  It does create a File Geodatabse Feature Dataset, and  creates a Streets feature class in the dataset.  HOWEVER, I am not getting everything in terms of output that I have gotten in the past: now, it does not create and build the network, it does not create the Restricted turns, Signposts, or ND_Junctions.  Any suggestions?
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Maybe you could try to run the tool browsing to a new geodatabase as the output just to make sure that everything is going to be written from scratch. I've been using this tool since it was released and it was stable so far.
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