Vehicle routing problem

07-14-2020 04:01 AM
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  • I have  some question to consult.

  • 1: there has no starting point, and no ending point with only the middle part available. How should we set it to have both a starting point and an ending point?

    1. The time interval between the middle points is very close. If we need to cover the distance between two points via google Map, it seems to take longer time than that via GIS and the distance between certain  points are simply not possible to cover. How can we set the intervals between points to be a little longer? As shown in the attachment, there are too many cases like this, showing very short intervals. all data like this . we give the data to the driver to  run , the driver's evaluation says it is not likely to be completed within the GIS schedule because the time too short. There is always certain time lag between points, which when adding up, will be very different from the actual point. Any plan or solutions to this?

    3 As shown in red in Figure route 1,route2, they are actually in the same position. What we really want is that only one car goes to one position as they are assigned  to work at only place at the same time, and there is no time limit to any of them.

    4 Only 3 trucks are not assigned to specific routes, because the quantities supposed to be done exceed the 18 buckets load of the cars. The method I take now is to write down the unassigned routes, and generate a new road map, and record the start time of them as the end time of this map. Do you have any better methods?

    5 If I generate a satisfactory roadmap without a backup file of it, when I change the parameters to make it a different roadmap,  but I end up wanting to retrieve the previous roadmap, how can I find the historical roadmap?

  • There are 4 points, namely, A (Sha Tin),B (Sha Tin),C (Sai Ying Pun) and D (Sai Ying Pun),but the route given by the system is A-C-B-D, which is hard to explain as there is no time limit for them (in the same vehicle group) and no problem of drivers going off duty.What are the reasons for "being very unreasonable?"
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I'm going to move this question to the Network Analyst page, where you might better find some subject matter experts to answer you questions.

In the meantime, here's a link to the help page. 

Vehicle routing problem analysis—Help | Documentation 



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