Vehicle Routing Problem - max number of points

08-06-2018 08:01 AM
by Anonymous User
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Hi, I am trying to run a Vehicle Routing Problem, I have 6,020 address points to collect from.  My Maximum for a Route is 650.  When I run the problem my computer seems to hang at 33% complete.  I have left it for over an hour and it is still hung.  Is there a maximum number of points I should allow for?  My laptop is not high spec but within the requirements.  Is there anything else that my cause this?

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I don't know the answer offhand, but this older thread covers some aspects of this issue that people have encountered.  In particular, check out the second to last comment about density by Jay Sandhu .

What are the functional limits of a Vehicle Routing Problem? (VRP) 

Chris Donohue, GISP