Vehicle routing problem intercity delivery

11-14-2020 01:07 PM
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Dear ArcMap users,

I am fairly new to ArcMap, I am aiming to solve a vehicle routing problem for my university course work. This involves delivering 20 stores within NSW, Australia from distribution center (DC) based in Sydney metro region, on a weekly basis. Of these 20 stores, 5 are located far from the DC, the farthest is about 650 km, taking about 11 hours (with speed assumed at 60 kms/hr). 

These 5 stores get "Hard time window" violation, possibly because I have the store open time between 7 AM till 5 PM and DC open hours between 5 AM till 4 PM. I am seeking to understand, is there a way to model multiple day delivery trip for such intercity stores (i.e., deliver on Tuesday with overnight rest stops)? I have attached a screen capture of map and attribute information for routes (Note: Time & distance set to weekly values).

Note: I am free to choose more than 1 distribution center, but, my rational to leave one in Sydney is its proximity to the harbor for stocking and more than one leads to higher maintenance cost.

Any help or suggestion is much appreciated. Please let me know, if I missed any information or have questions. 

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