Utility Network Analyst crashes ArcMap

08-16-2013 08:15 AM
New Contributor
I have a problem running Utility Network Analyst on ArcGIS 10.0 on geometric network which is in Oracle spatial database. When I click to run the utility, ArcMap crashes and shows window with sendind report to ESRI.
On the same geometric network in file geodatabase it runs without any problems.
I select some features to be bariers, choose option to run on unselected features and use Find connected method. After clicking run button ArcMap crashes.
I'm looking for the reason, why it crashes on SDE connection to Oracle does not on local file geodb. Maybe somebody knows the reason?
The same geometric network in Oracle database at the same time is used by another clients and they also run Utility Analyst Network. Could it be the reason of crash?

Thank you.
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