Using values assigned to centroids along a network to constrain the length of a path.

05-20-2014 10:55 PM
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I'm working on a project for a class involving creating a pipeline for distribution of recycled water. This pipeline needs to connect centroids of various polygons to a point representing a water treatment plant via an existing road map shapefile. The shapefile with the centroids has a field for how much water the centroid uses and the treatment plant has a field dictating its capacity. What I need to figure out is how to generate a network that:

1. Connects the centroids to the treatment plant via the road network using the shortest distance possible.
2. The sum of the usage potentials for the parcels connected to the treatment plant must not exceed the capacity of the plant.

Unfortunately no one is my group for this project has used network analysts before so we aren't sure which if any tools within the network analyst tool set to use so any help someone can give me is much appreciated.

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you could use location allocation tool and in analysis settings with the following option


  • MAXIMIZE_CAPACITATED_COVERAGE �??This option solves the location problem where facilities have a finite capacity. It chooses facilities such that all or the greatest amount of demand can be served without exceeding the capacity of any facility. In addition to honoring capacity, it selects facilities such that the total sum of weighted impedance (demand allocated to a facility multiplied by the impedance to or from the facility) is minimized.

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hi thanks for the info. We have been looking at the tool for capacitated coverage however we are unsure how to set the capacity for our plants and how to correlate that with the usage from each demand point.
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