Solve route is too slow (if reordering is on)

01-10-2017 06:29 AM
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me again

Trying to find the best route for my (about 1000) points.

I am using the network provided with StreetMap Premiun installed on my PC (everything I am using is on my machine)

  • I projected my data in the same GCS of ND (just for excluding any complication related to the transformation)
  • I set the environment rule for the processing extent as per my data extent (as I am using  a huge dataset I thought that using this limitation could have been of help, but I am not sure if NA follows this env. restriction, doesn't it?)
  • Geoprocessing Background 64bit is installed (does it help? Do I need to set something in order to have this tool working?)
  • Set background processing enabled.
  • I use ArcMap 1041

I set the find route.

Impedance minutes (as I am using a visit time I think is the best way)

I use a start time (morning 8:00)

reorder points but preserve the first one.

use hierarchy

ignore invalid

I have tried but using some restrictions and also in "just go" mode (ignoring almost all the limitation).

It takes about 50mins/1 hour and ArcMAp is on (Not Responding)

I also tried to do this: as per my first analysis I have already an order, so I reorderd the OBJID according to this order. If I run the analysis again saying "reorder points" it takes again 1 hour even if the points are already in the right order.

If I run again without reordering it takes 2 minutes.

Now if I want to include some barriers  and I want to recalculate the route,  same as above if I reorder: 1 hour (of course I need to reorder since I've got a barrier)

If I don't, again a couple of minutes.

What I am asking here, is it acceptable having to wait this huge amount of  time for a route?

I also tried with a smaller dataset, and the time decreases as the number of points decreases.

I tried to run the same analysis on PRO and  I stopped the process after 1h and 1/2.

With Arcmap the resources' usage doesn't go beyond 40-50%.

Thank you.

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Interesting problem... One thing I have seen in the past is route planning with many stops along the same street with a relatively close spacing with no other logical option but to go the whole length of the street in any event.  In such cases, I have seen processing requirements drop when the frivolous/extraneous points are remove and just key locations (ie intersections) retained.  Basically, just because you have a 1000 points, doesn't mean they are all necessary to solve for the route... What does your data set look like? an what are the conditions and constraints in your network?

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Hello, Pan.  I wouldn't expect you to run out of memory solving a Route with 1000 stops.  I recommend you talk to Esri Tech Support. 

They can look at your data, and if they can't resolve the problem, or it proves to be a bug, they can submit a ticket to the Network Analyst development team.