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07-19-2011 11:18 AM
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Hello everyone, let my preface by saying that I am very new to ArcGIS, and to the world of GIS in general.  My employer has purchased ArcGIS with the premium data to do some routing and geo-coding.  I am not having any issues with the geo-coding, but with the routing I am having some performance issues. 

I have added a map of the US, and added the network dataset "streets" that comes with the premium data pack.  I have added two points on the map that have quite a distance between them (I was using L.A. and St Louis just to test with), and it takes about 30 seconds to calculate the route.  I get this speed on our desktop machine with ArcMap, and with our server after I published the map to it.  The server has way better specs than the desktop machine so I would expect it to be faster.  As another comparison, when I throw this route at the ESRI sample server, it completes in about 10 seconds, so I am sure there is some configuration that I am not aware of that is causing it to go so slowly.

As a side note, but possibly related, when attempting to do the route on our server, only 25% of the CPU is being utilized.  We ran some benchmarks on the hardware and it is working as it should (all 4 processors were maxed).

Any help that you could offer would greatly be appreciated.  If there is any other information that I can provide to assist, please let me know.

Thank You,
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There can be a few things to watch out for. Number one is where is the network dataset located? Is it on a local hard disk? Network solves are data intensive and the access to the data will dictate how fast the shortest paths will be computed.
Also, I assume you have the Hierarchy ON.
As far as CPU being 25 percent, is it a quad core machine? If one core is 100% busy it will show up as 25% overall. ArcMap solves use one core only.
Jay Sandhu
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I´m using ArcMap 10. I use a quad core with 4 gb, but the route solve process run into a OutOfMemory error, when the ArcMap.exe process only take 1,3 gb.

Do you know what it´s happened??

Thank you

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Hi Jay,
Thank you for the response.  The network dataset is located locally on both our desktop machine and our server.

I do have Hierarchy on, I turned it off just for testing purposes, and it was WAY slower :).

When you say that ArcMap solves use only one core, does that include a map running on the server after being published, or only in ArcDesktop?  Our desktop machine is a single processor, but the server is a quad core.  When I run task manager on the server, it appears the load is being distributed across the 4 cores, but the process itself never goes above 25% utilization.  The goal was to do the map creation and tesing on the desktop machine, then publish the map to the server which we will hit via the REST API.

Thank you again for your assistance.
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