Shortest Route based on multiple Points

05-16-2012 08:51 AM
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Hello Community

First of all I'll describe my idea/project:
I've got multiple points (??? 100 points) in a table/shapefile. Now I would like to find the shortest Way to reach all point with one tour.
The points are no addresses or something like that, because there are no highway, street whatever in the near surrounding. The points are somewhere in the woods, so I could also not pre-built dataset from the federal bureaus.

My Problems: To work with the Network Analyste I need a Network-Dataset, but I've only these multiple points with no path/line which could connect these points.
I trying to make a line between the points with the points-to-line script. Unfortunately this script connects the point (for me) randomly... The second problem was that apart from the first problem every point has only two connected points, but for my analysis every point need a connection to get all possible routes.

My Questions:
How to turn this Points into a network-dataset.
How calculate every possible line between the points.

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You can create an artificial road network by using the GP tool "Create Fishnet" to first create a grid of lines that covers the extent of your points and then build a network dataset on it and then use the Route tool to load your points, select the "Reorder Stops to Find Optimal Route" to find the best tour to visit the points.
Fishnet doc:

Based on the extent of your points, you can make an adequately dense grid, say 500 meter cell size for this purpose.
Jay Sandhu
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