Shortest path to multiple points

03-20-2011 10:26 PM
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I have a road network with various surfaces - sealed and gravel, and a polygon dataset with 21 gravel pits in it for the same geographic area. I am trying to work out the closest gravel pit to any of the gavel pits in in the road network. I have no impediments, no u-turns, no traffic lights or anything. Just the closest gravel pit to each section of gravel road.

I'm really having trouble geting to first base as I ahve been working with archaeology for the last five years and have had no requirement to use any of the extensions in Arcview ... not that we had any to play with ...
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I am also a newbie to all of this.  I wrote up instructions for calculating the distances from one point to multiple points.  I am not sure if this will be exactly what you need but it may help.

You should be able to find the instructions here:

They are in Word97 format. 

If you can not get them from there, email me.

Good Luck

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