SDC Streetmap as a Routing Service and Spacial Reference

04-25-2015 05:03 PM
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Being new to setting up a Network Analysis: Route service in ArcServer...

A few questions have come up.

1. Spatial referencing:

I'm publishing a custom extent piece of the freebie version from Esri for to one of our ArcServers.

It occurs to me that I'm publishing a route service that has a Spatial Reference of GCS_WGS_1984

My concern is what happens when all the other map services we publish are all done in GCS_North_American_1983_Harn

Specifically, we're in a localized Harn State Plane.

When we pass data coming from StatePlane to the routing service in WGS, what's going to happen?

Will the Network Analysis routing service take note of the differences and adjust accordingly?

Is there a way to take the Esri Streetmap Network Dataset (it's in SDC) and transform it to my State Plane version?

I've Googled, GeoNet searched and haven't really found anything related to this.  (which makes me think NA transforms for me behind the scenes)

I believe I have read that a Network Dataset is not transformable.

I would have to extract out the underlying Feature Classes, insert to a FDS, edit, etc...  then turn into a Network Dataset.

Too much if I can avoid it, too much else to do.

2. Default Precision

When publishing to the Server from my desktop, in the Service Editor, there is a property in Capabilities: Network Analysis: Properties: General called: Default Output Geometry Precision.

I've had trouble finding info on this property.  Do the units get filled in from the underlying schema?

I assume the first empty box is the precision to be used?

How do you determine this value?  If left alone, does it default to the finest precision of the data?

3. Publishing Data

In one instance, I had copied the file geodatabase to the ArcServer where I was going to publish the service.

I then used Server Manager to register the folder.  But when I went to publish the service from a desktop, I was told the data wasn't registered.

What would cause this?

Do I need to restart ArcServer after registering data ?

Thanks for any help.


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