Configuring Historical Traffic Arcmap 10.2 Network Analyst

04-20-2015 01:30 AM
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Dear All,

I am having some issues in trying to configure traffic on my network dataset. I have created the streets profiles table and the Profile table with the speeds but still unable to get it to show. They are in the File Geodatabase. The  Clipped section of streets i am using to configure the traffic is in a feature class within the feature dataset. The traffic is every 15 mins Intervals

Please find attached my tables as i may be missing something.

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Historical traffic can be pretty tough to set up correctly.  It was originally designed to work with vendor data, so getting it working on you own data can be tricky.  Is your ultimate goal custom live traffic?  Or is historical your final step?  Where does your historical data come from?

As for setting historical up, here is a list of things that you need to consider:

  • Make sure there is a time zone attribute in your network.
  • Don't have any entries in your historical tables that don't exist as streets in your streets source feature class.
  • In the Streets_Profiles table, make sure there are not duplicates (where one street is listed with the same from and to position twice).
  • Make sure your tables have the same field names, field types, and field lengths as the sample data (for the most part).  Did you start your work from sample data, like San Diego?  Here is a link to it:

Those are just a start.  If we don't find it there, we'll keep trying.

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I have gone through the tutorial and have created the same format as the San Diego tables and fields but still unable to configure the traffic. My data downloaded from osm, i created a shape file added the fields i required and calculated the fields , KM, Meters, FT_Minutes and TF_Minutes and other applicable fields.

Then i created a feature dataset and imported the data into a new feature class called streets. Please take a look at the two tables i created for my data the streets profile and the Profiles.

I am able to calculate a route  based on the speed for the line segment in the KPH Field which is the same for both sides, my streets have different speeds for the from and to sides of the streets and im having difficulty trying to get arcgis to read the edges and calculate the speed together with my historical traffic speed profiles in the profiles table.

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