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10-12-2012 09:37 AM
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I am trying to generate a route that will drive every road in an area in the least amount of time.  In other words, I need to have a vehicle drive every road in a neighborhood using the most efficient route possible.  I've tried using the segment center and end points as stops, but this method is requiring a lot of fine tuning. 

Does anyone have any advice or a workflow they could recommend?
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This sounds something like the Chinese Postman problem that as far I as I know is not supported in NA.  Perhaps Jay S or one of the Network Analyst developers can chime in on this one.
That should just about do it....
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Thanks for the response.  I was beginning to suspect that might be the case.  I guess we'll just have to continue with the trial and error method of creating "stops" and routing to them.
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Refer this for a slight improvement
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