Process NAVSTREETS Street Data tool - Field named LINK_ID is not the expected type

08-10-2020 08:35 AM
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I am using the Process NAVSTREETS Street Data tool (version 10.6.1) with arcgis 10.6.1. When I add data sources for Streets, AltStreets, Z-levels, Cdms, Rdms and signs, everything looks correct. But as soon as I set the output file geodatabase, I get an error for all of them that the "Field named LINK_ID is not the expected type." (SRC_Linkid for signs). 

The LinkID field is a Long Integer and is unedited from HERE. What is the expected type that this data processing tool is looking for? And why is it all correct until I set the file geodatabase location?



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Hi Max,

Looking at the source code, it appears that the SRC_LINKID field is expected to be esriFieldTypeInteger (which appears as "Long Integer" in ArcCatalog), so it seems to match with the Long Integer data type you observe.

Note that the error message refers to the LINK_ID field, not SRC_LINKID.  Did you check the field type on all the LINK_ID fields on all the other feature classes and tables you're using as input?

Finally, you mentioned using the 10.6.1 version of the tool.  The tool only comes in,, or; with being the most recent.  All three of these 10.6.0.x tool versions work with ArcGIS 10.6, not ArcGIS 10.6.1.  Maybe you're recompiling the source code using ArcGIS 10.6.1?



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Thanks for the reply Alan. 

All of the LinkID fields for AltStreets, Streets and Z Levels are long integers.

 The error shows LinkID for all of the fields except the signs table which shows SRC_LinkID. 

You are correct that I misspoke in my versioning. I have desktop 10.6.1 and I have version of the tool. I'm willing to bet this is my issue. I'll download 10.6 and try working though the creation process with it. 



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I was able to run the HERE Data Processing Tool after being stuck for a while.

I changed the LINK_ID Field type to Long Integer, with a precision of 10, and from (Numeric) tab, I changed the number of significant digits to the max value in field data, which was 10.

For SEQ_NUMBER and SEQ_NUM fields, Short Integer with a precision of 2 is enough, as per the values in the fields.

I did that on all applicable StreetsPrj, AltStreetsPrj, and ZlevelsPrj FCs, and Cdms, Rdms, and Signs Tables.

However, the LINK_ID wasn’t the only field that produces the error. Every time you modify a field, other fields with the same field type errors come up. You will get errors from SRC_LINKID, MAN_LINKID, Sign_ID, SEQ_NUMBER, and SEQ_NUM fields on the different FCs and tables. So you have to modify each one then try to run the tool, till there is no error.

To change the field type, you have to add a new field > use the Field Calculator to populate it, delete the original field, then (if unable to rename it) add a new field with the original name and calculate it as well.

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