Building a Network Dataset for fire response times at an airport

01-07-2022 10:03 AM
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I am new to Network Analyst. I need to analyze response times from 4 locations on an airport to see which one is the best location. I have no road network so I need to build one. I was going to use data obtained from a training tutorial as the template for the road network. I am going to create the centerlines from airport runway lines. My question is this. The airport runway lines have all of the curves (turns) already mapped out (blue arrows). Should I include these in my centerline file? OR should I leave them out and create straight intersection so that when I build the network it resembles a traditional roadway intersection (red arrow)?

If it matters I am using network analyst extension inside ArcGIS Desktop



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The important thing to model is the connections, turning restrictions and having accurate travel times. You do not need to digitize the curves as long as the road centerlines capture the connections accurately. You can add in turn restrictions at places where turns are not allowed. 

Jay Sandhu

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