Problem generating Service Area Polygons

06-02-2012 06:03 AM
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I'm trying to create service area polygons for several national park entrance sites to find park participants that live within a 60 minute drive time. I am using the ESRI USA Minor Highways as the basis for my network. I first projected the highways to an equidistant projection, then created a "minutes" field based on the road class (using an estimated mph by class) and segment length. I am working with a small test site now. I created and built a network, and am using the Service Area tool to create polygons.
The problem is that my polygons come out looking very strange, and it appears to me that the solver is only going from one road junction to another, and not using the edges at all. The polygons look "spiked". It does not seem to matter what parameters I set for my polygons. Where did I go wrong?
Thanks in advance!
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Most likley the network data is not good in terms of connectivity. If you are using the ESRI Streetmap data then there is a network already built ready to use. You can search for the file to see where that may be located in your data folders. There is no need to export the data to build a network dataset to use with Network Analyst.

Jay Sandhu
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