Problem creating turn features

01-04-2011 05:43 AM
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I've got a turn feature class, the network dataset is built, the feature class containing the edges is loaded into ArcMap, I'm trying to add a new turn feature, but when I try to create it, "Create Feature Task" can't be completed  because the first vertex could not be snapped to a network edge.

I've Started Editing
Edge Snapping is On (I've tried changing the tolerance to a huge number ... default is 100 pixels)
I've selected my turns feature class in the "Create Features" dockable window
I'm using the Line option
I'm zoomed in quite close when I click to start the feature
I continue to get the error message.

Any ideas?
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This is super old, but in case anyone reads this and would like a solution, make sure that the coordinate system of your dataframe matches the coordinate system of your network dataset.
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Thanks Sarah, it´s really the solution.

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Thank you so much! I added my network to a data frame with a different coordinate system and I could not create any new restricted turns. I was out of ideas and thought I broke my network and would have to start over. 

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I have exactly the same problem, but my projections are the same

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