ArcGIS Pro Network Analyst Route layer: traffic data and time window?

10-23-2019 04:23 AM
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I have created a route network in ArcGIS Pro which contains historical traffic data and from this I made a route layer. Now I would like to calculate the TravelTime for several routes. My routes are all different and have different start times.

I imported the orgins and destinations as Stops with Add locations and did the field mappings for the TimeWindowStart and TimeWindowEnd to be able to take this into account when calculating the routes. In addition I also configured the Time Properties for the Stops (and the Route as well) for this time window. In the Network Analyst toolbar there is also a tab about Arrive/Depart Time. Which option should I choose here so that the start time of the routes is according to my time window and that it also takes the traffic data into account? I tested them all and nothing seems to work. Might it be that there is something wrong with other settings of my route layer?

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The Time properties of the Stops layer (your second screenshot) does not apply to network analysis at all.  That information is not used by Network Analyst.

A Route analysis layer can have only one start time for the route. You set that start time using the settings on the ribbon (your first screenshot).  So, you can set the start time to be 8am, and then the Route will attempt to visit each of your stops during the requested time window.  If it cannot do so, it will result in a time window violation.  The amount of violation time, and the amount of wait time if the route is early, will be listed in the output Stops and Routes tables in the fields with "Wait" and "Violation" in their names.

So, if you have set up a multi-route problem (you have multiple route names with different stops in each route name), you still can have only one start time for the overall Route.  It will start each route at the first stop at that time. If the time window of the first stop doesn't match the route start time, you'll get either some wait time or some violation time at that first stop.