Optional Offender  Path from one location to many locations

08-09-2011 03:39 AM
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If i would like to calculate run away of a person by foot(or anything else using runaway speed), and i have his first run away direction, will i be able to tell, where are the possible places he would be, after 1,2,3 min etc.?

i have attached a photo, hope it will be help fall. Thank you

The Target is to locate possible places of an offender, using eye witnesses by 3 characters:
1. run away technique (car, bike, foot, etc...)
2. time after run away
3. first run away direction

Thank you,
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This is quite easy to do using "linear referencing".

Create a service area solver, add one or more facilities. Bring up the properties of the service area layer and on the polygon tab turn off Polygon Generation and on the Line Generateion tab turn on the lines and ALSO click on Generate Measures. Close the properties and solve. You will not get service area lines showing where you can reach in the default break value e.g. 5 minutes.

Now create a text file (csv format) as follows and save it in as WalkSymbol.csv

"FacilityID", "Measure", "Symbol"

Add this csv file to ArcMap.
The under the File menu, choose Add Data and then select the Add Route Event. This will bring up a form.
It should be filled in as needed, that is, Route Reference should be your service area "Lines" feature class, the Rotue Identifier should be "FacilityID", Event Table should be "WalkSymbols.csv", Route Identifier should be "FacilityID", Point events should be checked and the Measure should be "Measure".

Next step is very important:
At the very bottom is the Advanced Options. Click on that and this opens another form. Make sure to choose the second option "Point events treated as multipoint features" and then also check at the bottom "Apply these settings to all subsequent ArcMap sessions". Click Ok on both forms.

This will now display points at every 1, 2 and 3 minutes. You can bring up the symbols and change them as necessary.
See my attached screen shot showing service area from two locations with symbols at 1, 2 and 3 minute drivetime.s

Jay Sandhu
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