OD Matrix:  Destination Determined by Attribute

09-18-2012 11:44 AM
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I know a longer work around but this is an ongoing question so I was wondering if anyone can help me out.  I work for the Veterans Health Administration.  We have a list of all hospitals with the bigger medical centers (VAMC) being parent stations.  Within their network their are community based outpatient clinics (CBOCS), each assigned to a parent station.  What I am trying to find is the avg drivetime (AvgDT) and distance (AvgDD) from the CBOCs to their parent station.  I think I would use the OD Cost Matrix with CBOCs being the origins and the VAMCs being the destinations.  I'm only interested in the the relationship between the CBOCs and their parent station.  Is there a way to only look at that relationship or is it only going to spit out every possibility whether its to parent station or not. 

Other background info:
812 CBOC's
152 VAMC's
Using ESRI Streetmap Premium Advanced Navteq
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OD cost matrix is used to find the distances between sets of locations.  You can constrain the search based on a distance cutoff as well as a # of locations to reach from each origin.

In your case, you are more interested in the distance between each CBOC and its parent VAMC.  I think the more appropriate solver solution would be batch routing.  Within a single Route analysis layer (or multiple, if you run into memory issues), load every CBOC, being sure to give the location a RouteName value that uniquely identifies that route.  Perhaps you could use the CBOC id as the route name.

Next, for every CBOC, load its parent VMAC, giving it the same RouteName you gave the CBOC.  This will result in certain VMACs being loaded multiple times, which is fine, because they will have different RouteNames.  Now, when you solve the analysis, you will get one route for each CBOC/VMAC pair.
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