Exporting network analyst routes for GPS routes

09-18-2012 12:04 PM
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A system of connected trails has recently been developed at my office and have used network analyst to determine the fastest way to get from point A to point B.

My problem now comes in that I would like to have these .shp files be used in a gps and operate in the way Google Maps or a Garmin Nuvi when it comes to directions..
Is there anyway this is possible to do without using ArcLogistics?
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So as you have probably already figured out, you can export the Route layer into a shapefile or a feature class for further manipulation. If you want to be able to draw the route features in Google Earth, test using the GP tool Layer To KML. This will allow you to draw the features in any application which is capable of reading .kml or .kmz files.

As you might know, you don't get any directions stored within the Route layer. However, you can export the directions from ArcMap (.txt or .html or .xml and this can be from Network Analyst toolbar > Directions window). Afterwards, you can import all the directions stored as a file as BLOB or .xml into a feature class. How this can be transported further into .kml - don't know, yet probably some custom programming would be required.
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