Network Dataset Does Not Generate Global Turns

01-22-2014 01:27 PM
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I am trying to generate a Network Dataset from a shapefile of lines. Although global turns is automatically selected when I use the New Network Dataset feature in ArcCatalog, the wizard does not automatically generate global turns. I have tried selecting "End Point" and "Any Vertex" in the Connectivity Policy for my network dataset, and this does not seem to make a difference.

I have also tried to manually create turns using the Create Turn Class Feature in ArcToolbox to no avail. I've attached a screen shot of my lines shapefile for your reference. It seems to me that global turns should be automatically generated at each of the vertices.

Your insight is greatly appreciated.
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global turns are implemented only if your edges are split correctly at intersections.  are they?

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Global turns are never automatically generated.  I think what you want is a default turn penalty imposed upon, for example, your DriveTime attribute.  To do this, open the network dataset properties, select the attribute on the Attributes tab, and click Evaluators...  On the Default Values tab, select the Turn row,   and for Type, select Global Turn Delay.  Then click the properties button to set the various time delays.

Then at solve time when transitioning between two edges in the network, these delays will be included.

If you have explicit turn features added at these pairs of two edges, these will take precedence and override the default delay.

Let us know if you still need help.

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