Network analyst toolbars inactive

03-04-2011 09:47 AM
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I'm using ArcEditor on 60 day trial.

The Network analyst extension is licensed with this package. I have the Network analyst extension enabled (both at the administrator level, and in ArcMap). ArcMap displays the Network analyst toolbar, and the Network analyst window. But all the buttons on the Network analyst toolbar and on the Network analyst window are inactive (they are grayed out, and when I click on the icon/buttons nothing happens.) My aim is to try a closest facility analysis.

I was able to build a network dataset using ArcCatalog, but I can't load it into ArcMap through the network analyst toolbar, and I can't load my incidents and facilities (in fact, I can't load anything at all).

Since I have a 60 day trial version, I cannot call tech support for assistance, so if anyone has any ideas on what might be going wrong, I'd be grateful to hear them!

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Esri Regular Contributor
You need to add a network data set to ArcMap with the add data dialog. Once a network is added, the options in NA toolbar will no longer be gray.
Jay Sandhu