Network Analyst - Service Area calculates but doesn't produce polygons

10-06-2010 11:09 AM
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Hey all smarty pants people,

I've been trying to run a service area calculation with NA.  I need a 500 mile service area and its been causing me quite a lot of headaches.  Just one facility, but a huge area.  Right now, I run it (generalized shapes, trim polygons, overlapping rings) and it gives me no errors, but also doesn't produce any polygons!  The strange thing (and I know NA saves data to the *.mxd file) is that the file takes forever to save, indicating that its actually produced something.  Why can't I see it!?  Where has it gone?  Thanks for the help!
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a 500 mile service area is quite large and ends up traversing a lot of edges. The traversed edges are kept in memory. You could look at the following resource to not keep the traversal results around and see if that will solve your problem:

Jay Sandhu
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