Network Analyst in Python Idle vs Arcmap Console

09-02-2021 06:49 AM
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Arcgis version: 10.5.1
License: Standard
Idle Python shell vs Arcmap Console

After activating the network analyst license using arcpy.CheckInExtension("Network") method via Python Idle our python script does make a service area layer, then add locations.

However, when we do the na.Solve() or Solve_na() tool we re getting the message:
Invalid parameter.
Error: 000824: The tool is not licensed

The script is working well within the arcmap Console but does not work in the Idle python shell.

If you ve already encountered this issue I would be gratefull for a solution.

Thank you.

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Esri Regular Contributor

To activate an extension license use arcpy.CheckOutExtension(), not arcpy.CheckInExtension().

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Thank you I still got the error message Error: 000824: The tool is not licensed when I call the Solve method  in the python idle shell it does work on the arcmap python console.  Maybe the Solve method requires a different license when used outside of Arcmap ?

Thank you.

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