Network analyst in Arcgis pro

06-22-2020 12:11 PM
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In a tunnel with 3.9 m high, how can I allow a truck with 3.7 m to pass and prevent another truck with  4 m from passing? Thanks.

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Since you are asking about how to do this with your own data in ArcGIS Pro, here's a summary of what you need to do:  You need to create a restriction attribute that will make each road restricted by comparing the road's height limit with a parameter value indicating the height of the vehicle being modeled in the analysis.  You need to set this up with a function evaluator comparing an attribute parameter representing the vehicle height against a descriptor attribute representing the height limit of the road.  The descriptor attribute will probably need to use a field evaluator to draw the height limit information from a field in your street data.

The best way for you to understand how to set all this up is to run through the Create a network dataset tutorial.  Part of that tutorial does exactly what I described above.  The sample data that comes with the tutorial also has an already-constructed example.