Network Analist - Time Windows

08-30-2010 01:06 AM
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I'm trying to implement time windows ou a route. The problem is a "Route" ploblem, and i have define may network with:

time parameter - "minutes"
Time window start - TWStart1
Time window end - TWEnd1

Filelds TWStart1 and TWEnd1 , type date

In options of the problem, define to use TimeWindows, and define start time

r. when solving, the solution have a start time, a end time, ignore time window on nodes or in lines, and have a violation time off zero.

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the download works fine to me.

I use winrar to compress the file in zip. Send in winrar mode.[ATTACH]2403[/ATTACH]

how i re-load your Stops?
how i map the time window fields?
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