best approach - network with diferent class of vehicles

09-01-2010 03:20 AM
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Hi, how shoul be the best approach to a network problem, that, before solving network, i could determine if i will go, on foot, by motocylce, by car and by truck. Each of those types of vehicles, means a diferent time to pass a intersection or node, and a different speed.

speed - 4km/h
time need to pass obstacle A -  30s

speed - 40km/h
time need to pass obstacle A - 2 min

speed - 30km/h
time need to pass obstacle A -   -1 min

speed - 35 km/h
speed - 40km/h
time need to pass obstacle A - 3 min
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There are a couple of options here:

  1. Create a different cost attribute for each travel mode (based on their respective speeds, etc.). Then choose the appropriate cost attribute to use for your analysis based on your intended travel mode.

  2. Create a single parameterized cost attribute. That is, create a cost attribute called Time, and give it a parameter called Speed (this can be done from the Attributes tab on the network dataset creation wizard; look for the 'Parameters...' button to the right of the attribute list). Calculate the value as Time = Length/Speed. The user can change this parameter as they see fit (based on their desired mode of travel) before running any analysis, and your cost values should be adjusted appropriately. Of course, you can make this as complex as you wish by adding in other parameters, etc.

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