Multimodal network dataset - is it possible to use buffers for changing modes?

10-27-2011 09:49 AM
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i am trying to create a multimodal network dataset, comprising roads, waterways and ports. When i built the network i received the error message "Standalone user-defined junction is detected.".
After looking at the locations of the ports, it seems that the ports are neither located on a street nor on a waterway. So it's obvious why the error message was displayed.
And now this is where my problem starts. How can i use the ports for transit between the two modes? I read in this thread about buffers around transition points but i have no idea how to implement such a solution. I am able to create buffers around the ports, but polygons are not usable in the network dataset wizard.
Or is there another approach for such problem? Any help is appreciated!
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May be try increasing the search tolerance to look for locations (ports ?) or may be connect ports with dummy links with a very low resistance?
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The best way to use point locations such as ports is to add/digitize  new links to connect the port to the relevant location on the rest of the network. You could take a look at the Paris multi-modal dataset that is part of the Network Analyst tutorials to see how roads are connected to bus stops/transfer stations to rail. The exercise 2 is here:

Jay Sandhu
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thanks a lot for your replies.
i tried to model it the way it is described in the exercise 2 and i was successful! thank you very much!
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