Multimodal Network Analysis

10-21-2011 05:23 AM
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I would like to create a multimodal network. I have created two closest facilities: the first one has the distance patients travel to facility X, the second has the distance patients travel from facility Y to a hospital. What is the most time effective way to calculate the distance between X and the closest Y facility?

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Esri Regular Contributor
It is not clear from your post what you want to accomplish. A multimodal network is a dataset that combines different modes of travel such as rail, bus, bike, pedestrian and car. It has nothing to do with closest facility. Once you have a network on which you want to travel on, you create a closest facility layer and load in your facilities and incidents and solve to compute the distances between them. So if I uderstand your question, you want to compute distances from facilities set  X and set Y, then load them into the closest facility layer and solve. If you want to find the distance between one X and one Y then use the Route solver.

Jay Sandhu
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Thank you for your help. I'll be sure to utilize route solver.
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The question probably meant to find closest facility on a multimodal network ? Nevertheless, it is good that this question is now answered 🙂
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