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04-14-2020 02:26 PM
by Anonymous User
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Melinda Morang‌ and  jsandhu-esristaff  please I have a question with regards to creating a multi modal network. I followed this tutorial Creating multi modal network to create my multi modal network using streets, bus routes and transit stops. But I don't know to test the multi modal nature of the network. Example, how do I get someone to hop a bus, then later walk on the street.  I didn't use GTFS, I just built a standard network dataset 

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In the multi-modal network tutorial, one of the costs that is added is called PedestrianTime. This cost defines how fast you can walk on a road and how fast you can transfer through the metro stations to get on the metrolines. If you choose this cost to solve a route, it will find a path using the streets, and rail. You have set up a similar cost attribute in your network and use it to solve your routes.

Jay Sandhu

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If you are actually trying to create a network dataset that more realistically models public transit and walking, this is a better tutorial for you: Create and use a network dataset with public transit data—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation 

That requires ArcGIS Pro and GTFS data, however.

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