Missing attributes on new edges when building a new network

01-14-2021 06:40 AM
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Hi! I am trying to build a network with a few new edges/lines. I just get an error on these lines and they won't connect to the already built network. They basically doesn't get any attributes. 

Do anybody know what I should do with this problem?

- Kat

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Esri Regular Contributor

What software/version are you using? What are the exact error messages that you get?

Are your new streets split at intersections? Do they connect to existing edges which are also split or have a vertex there? Are you using AnyVertex or EndPoint connectivity? All these settings help build/connect a network.

When you build a network dataset, a temporary log file called build.txt file is created in the %TEMP% folder, in a sub folder for the ArcGIS process. It may have more information on the issue you are running into.

Jay Sandhu

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