make network analyst propose new (not existing) facilities?

06-09-2010 08:10 AM
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I'm quite new to network analyst.

I have a model with some thousands demand points and about 15 facilities.

The model finds out how many % of the demand points that can reach a facility in X minutes.

But I want to know if network analyst can suggest new points as proposed facilities which meet the demands I set. (since with the existing facilities I have, the % demands are not met)

running: arcinfo10

I've considered a possible solution by generating lots of evenly spaced points and use them as facilities in the analysis, but the processing would take too long...
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In ArcGIS 10 Network Analyst has a new solver called Location-Allocation. You can use it to find "new" facilities to serve a set of given demand. You can load in the existing demand locations as demand points, existing facilities as "required" facilities and a set of points that you can open new or "candidate" facilities and solve solve for how many you want. Their are numerous options and goals you can set. I suggest you run through the new tutorial for location-allocation and read up on the help to use this new solver effectively.
Jay Sandhu
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thanks a lot!
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